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Posted on October 9, 2013. By admin

Why settle for “average” when you can get the best Calgary web designers working on your project?  I’m always amazed at how many businesses don’t invest very much in their website when it is the most important marketing asset they have in the 21st century.


As I wrote in my previous post about “Top Calgary Web Designers” your website is often times the first impression people have of your company!  Why on earth would you want to have an “average” looking site?


Nowadays there are a few options when it comes to web design


1. Do it yourself – I’m sorry but this is simply an awful choice unless you are very good at web design yourself.  That is like you designing your own home without an architect.  Sure, there are many “do-it-yourself” website builders but they always look cheap and sloppy.


2. Hire a cheap designer – there’s lots of high school kids or people in other countries who will gladly take a few thousand and basically produce a website that looks the same (or a tad better) than if you did it yourself.  My opinion is you might as well save the money and do it yourself because it isn’t much better and it costs you way more.


3. Hire a very good design company – A great design company charges a lot more but it’s almost always worth it.  You will end up with a high end, customized website that looks very professional and it is structured to show high up in Google where people will find you.  Not to mention a good design company will optimize your website for highest conversions.



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