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We Transform Your Insurance Brokerage From Being "Old School" Into Leveraging the New Era of Digital

Don't become a dinosaur. let us help you tap into the power of the internet GOOGLE!

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Did you know?

The fastest growing insurance brokerages in both Canada and the United States are leveraging the power of the Internet?

Did you know?

Using the internet to grow does not mean you stop building relationships with customers. A digital transformation is not as scary as you think.

Did you know?

Typically the best way to generate insurance leads is from Google organic search results and pay per click ads?

EMethod enables insurance brokers in Canada and the United States to leverage the power of the Internet by:

  • Designing and developing beautiful, mobile friendly websites that convert visitors into leads
  • Ranking websites high up on Google
  • Providing a simple, easy-to-use lead management tool that fully integrates with any website
  • Setting up and maintaining ads on Google
  • Offering advice for creating a sound social media marketing strategy
  • Helping insurance brokers understand what works and doesn't work online (so you avoid wasting time and money)

Using the internet to grow online is NOT rocket science. You just need to nail a few major things:

1. Get a clean, high converting website
2. Rank your website on Google

(that's where all your potential customers are looking)

3. Manage your leads properly
EMethod does these 3 things better than anyone else!

P.S. By leveraging the power of the internet we are not suggesting your customers need to buy their insurance online without human intervention. In fact, the human touch is often far more powerful than just going 100% digital. We help insurance brokers generate leads from Google... how you "close the sale" does not need to change.

Case Studies

Real Life Examples of Our Work In the Insurance Industry

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  2. Rogers Insurance - view case study
  3. Flood Insurance - view case study
  4. Beneficial Insurance - view case study
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