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Posted on June 26, 2013. By admin

Calgary Internet Marketing

How can a Calgary internet marketing company help your business? Likely you have a website. Possibly a website you’re happy to send your customers or clients to look at. But do you get new business from your website? Was website revenue part of your 2013 projections? Most businesses can increase profits from being on page one of Google for specific keyword phrases the relate to their industry. If you are an accountant and hire a Calgary internet marketing company to get your site to page one of Google you can now expect fresh business to be calling you and booking appointments.

Will hiring EMethod to get your site to page one of Google pay off? We are not the cheapest SEO company in town but we know our business. Search just about anything Calgary SEO related and you’ll find us on page one for just about every keyword phrase worth going for. So we know for certain that we can get your site to page one. And if we determine that your particular product or service wouldn’t be able to recoup our fees we won’t take you on as a client.

Getting to page one on Google is a big part of internet marketing success. The other main component is conversion. If your site really sucks and is not compelling for visitors to stay and learn more and then contact you, then you are not taking full advantage of this valuable internet real estate. Page one of Google gets 90% of all the business. If your site is designed to maximize conversion, meaning it’s rate of converting visitor into prospects that contact you, then you will succeed.

EMethod has helped many local businesses get to page one of Google and design a site that converts visitors into Leads that you can contact or that contact you. We are confident if we take you on as a client that we will help your local Calgary business achieve it’s internet marketing goals.

If you need help with your site or are starting out and need a new website developed please give me a call anytime. And if your site is already the most amazing thing to light up the world wide web but no one but your friends and family can find it due to being on the 50th page of Google please ask me about our Affordable Calgary SEO services which are proven Google update friendly.

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