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3 Basic Tips to Improve Your Organic Search Rankings in Calgary

Posted on August 9, 2015. By admin

pictureLong gone are the days in which word-of-mouth drove sales. Today, everything can be found on Google… and the easier (and faster) it is to find a company Google, the more successful said company happens to be.

If you own a business in Calgary, then ranking high on Google and other search engines should figure high on your list of priorities. While hiring a Calgary SEO company like EMethod is always the wisest thing to do, we understand that not everyone is able to do so. This is why we have compiled a list of 3 basic tips to help improve your organic search rankings in Calgary. Combine those tips with a bit of research on your own and you should hopefully start to see results soon!

So without further ado, here they are:

1. It’s all about keywords, baby! Put yourself in a customer’s shoes. What would you be searching on Google if you were looking for a company like yours? Once you have figured out your target keywords (either by yourself or with the help of an online tool), figure out how often you will need to use them. This step is crucial. Use them too little and you will risk not seeing any results… but use them too much and you risk having your content classified as spam!

2. Only attract quality links. Before, long ago, link building was all the rage on the internet. Those days are gone. Today, too many to your website can result in it being blacklisted by Google — something which you really don’t want to happen. When link building, do it with caution. Use common sense and only focus on quality, trustworthy links.

3. Focus on quality content. Content, like links, play a major role in your website’s organic ranking. And content, like links, can also either completely ruin your website or take it to another level. When writing content for your website, don’t focus on attracting people. Instead, focus on quality. Write things that are worth reading and that are worth sharing. Trust us — you’ll see the difference eventually.


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